Presentation of The 150 Years of Roger & Gallet Collection @ Vanhaerent Art Collection, Brussels

What’s THE link between a former skin care brand and a Geant “Transformer”? 

Last picture. The presentation of the 150 years of Roger & Gallet collection which took place in the Vanhaerent Art Collection, a private art contemporary Museum. Nice surprising blend of genres! The Roger &Gallet ephemeral collection is based on the Rouleau de l’Empereur created by Jean Marie Farina for Napoleon 1st. This limited edition is declined in three fresh fragrant waters. The Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne is  inspired by the scent of a Mediterranean garden (pictures 1 & 2: the red bottle).

The Bois d’Orange Eau Fraîche Parfumée / Fresh Fragrant Water is reminiscent ofthe Alhambra’s gardens in Granada (picture 2: the orange bottle) and the Fleur d’Osmanthus Eau Fraîche Parfumée / Fresh Fragrant Water is inspired by a Chinese Garden of Eden (picture 2: the green bottle). I also discovered some other new products you will dicover soon in the BEAUTY section. Let’s taste the traditionnel birthday cake made by the Belgian famous Wittamer (picture above). Dicover in a coming post my visit in the private Museum…



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