La Roche-Posay: Physiological Cleansers & Makeup Removers

After a long period of skincare products tests,

my skin had an overdove and asked for a SOOTHING BREAK, with hypoallergenic dermatogical products (the kind of absolutely-not-glam care the dermatologist prescribed when we were teens!). I’ve started my extreme gentleness treatment, with those four La Roche-Posay products (picture above). They quickly began my essentials for a good cleasing.

I leaft my  (stripping) trendy Cleansing Water for a more classical duo:  Physiological Cleasing Milk / Lait Démaquillant Physiologique (2) and  Physiological Soothing Toner / Lotion Apaisante Physiologique (3) : what a comfort for the sensitive and very dehydrated skins! At night I use the Physiological Eye Make-up Remover / Démaquillant Yeux Physiologique (1).

And night and day, before applying my care, I spray the Thermal Spring Water by La Roche-Posay  (with Selenium, an anti-oxydant) all over the face and throat. For few weeks, my skin’s been less reactive (less redness). Great products : simple, efficient and paraben free! 

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