Stella Mccartney: Spring-Summer 2012

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Source photos : / Lay out : Mademoiselle Le K

2 responses to “Stella Mccartney: Spring-Summer 2012

  1. Sorry I have bags on the mind today! I meant to say I came across your blog while searching for Mary Karantzou! Hope to hear from you soon! x

  2. Hi Mademoiselle K!
    I came across your bag while searching for Mary Karantzou – I love her designs and I love your feature of her. I work for Boticca, a curated online marketplace for independent designers, all sourced by our team of dedicated style-hunters. I noticed you had interviewed a jewelry designer recently, I wondered if you would like to do something the other way round and interview our style-hunters who look for jewelry designers. Perhaps it might interest you to know how they go about their work of ‘hunting’ for designers and where they travel to etc. Look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes, Nathalie

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