Bordeaux, France: The Bordeaux Wine School

If you do know where to see this mural painting in Bordeaux (picture above)

– and who is the famous painter (really easy) – wow congrats! You have all my admiration! If not (oops), wait till my next post about this trip. Well, I’m in Bordeaux for a short break (2-3 days) and I want to discover the city, a bit of the countryside and some wines (how could it be possible Ms Diet Coke? Nobody’s perfect!). My trip start in the beautiful historical center of Bordeaux and its freshly renovated monuments!

First stop: my oeunology course @ The Bordeaux Wine School (Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux), founded in 1989. You can choice between different workshops, depending on your level and availability. If like me you don’t know anything and worst Merlot and Cabernet remind you some fantastic Caudalie‘s exfoliating scrubs, start with the two hours initiation workshop : “to make the difference between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, to identify Bordeaux wines and express your own tastes and sensations“. What an experience! I’ve taste and spit (not to get drunk!) and talked and discribe flavours and smells and locate famous wines.

You’ll enter in a really exciting world ! And I recommend you Nathalie Escudero, she is an amazing teacher and guide who mkes her own wine ! At the ground floor of The Bordeaux Wine School, the wine bar is impressive and very lively in the evening (picture below). The atmosphere is really friendly, cosmopolitan and a bit trendy. But right now, I need a sweet snack and want to taste a canelé, the famous Bordelais speciality with rhum, not wine (picture 3) ! Then to follow me to the wharves area (pictures 4 & 5): click HERE!


L’Ecole du Vin du CIVB / Bordeaux Wine School, 

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