“Women Changing India”, The Exhibition in Petit Palais, Paris

A must see : “Women Changing India“. It’s a very moving exhibition full of promise about the status of women in India. 108 pictures shot by Magnum Photos‘s photographers : Olivia Arthur, Martine Franck, Raghu Raï, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alex Webb and Patrick Zachmann. They have each chosen and shown a different topic, to discover how women contribute to “change the world”. And we discover stonished portraits of  active women and/or activists women. But all they have established themselves in Indian society, by their talent, determination and/or professional success, regardless of caste, age and difficulties. Some pictures are amazingly beautiful (like the Raghu Raï’s portraits) and the captions sometimes describe destinies that command respect. The short films are also very interesting. And we come out of this exhibition naively hopeful. Congrats! 

Till January 8 @ Petit Palais, Paris. womenchangingindia.pourunmondequichange.com  

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