Doux Me: Facial Skin Care Products

Doux Me is my ultimate discovery!

For my sensitive skin, I don’t use bio cosmetics to avoid allergies. After some apprehensions, I’ve tested the Doux Me facial skin care products. Awsome products : easy to use (there aren’t 50 products to apply in a very complicate processus), efficient (the skin quickly changes), with modern textures and packaging.

Those products offer an excellent hydrating properties, melting luscious texture, with discret scent. Bio and refine. I became addictive to: the Moisturising lotion mist cleanser (1), a foam with finesse gently cleanses the face and the Neroli blossom mist (2), a refreshing and soothing tonic spray. Fantastic! Cleansing my skin with those products became an essential ritual I really enjoy. 

Then I apply the Caroline‘s cream as a moisturizing day cream and as a regenerating night cream. Its texture is creamy without being greasy. Once a week,  I also use the great Rose scrub/mask, but you will not find it on sale. This product will be will be reformulated, because of the rarity of some of its ingredients that do more production. Congratulations to Caroline Wachsmuth, the inspired founder of Doux Me!

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