The Spa Villa Ioma Esthetics in Paris : The Expert Facial Treatment

Look carefully at the picture above : have you noticed it?

Yes on the left side, the strange device shaped like a futuristic helmet in a Stanley Kubrick’s movie. Let me intro Ioma Sphere! First step of my face treatment @ the Spa Villa Ioma Esthetics: the diagnostic realized by the “imaging and skin analysis device” created and patented by the French Ioma laboratories. 

So I put my face into the white box (picture 2). And I close my eyes while the device takes five pictures  of my face in different light. Those pictures will help the practioner to make a serious diagnostic, “according to the seven whose skin imperfections may suffer (I quote) : 1, dry skin and UV damage, 2, fine lines, 3, wrinkles and tightness… and 7, pigment spots. Believe me those pictures are terribly unsexy (picture 3).

My practioner, Laetitia leads me to the treatment room (picture 4), where another devices, the Ioma Beauty Diag will complete the first diagnostic. Before applying the skin care products, Laetitia passes a transducer over my face, to check further what my skin needs (macro picture like echographique image). She will do it again at the end of the treatment to check whether there has been improvement. I am very surprised to hear my skin is really really dry and undermoisturized!

After a deep peeling, I felt sleeping during the relaxing massage. I woke up with a skin perfectly clean and light. Laetitia gives me a paper with the results recorded by the machine, in the form of sketches and diagrams. There is  an improvement in the hydration. And I also receive a prescription of the Ioma products to use daily (paraben-free, fragrance-free, formulated and tested in dermatology). I recommend this high tech face treatment to perfectionists.

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