Les Etangs De Corot: The Bucolic Hotel Near Paris

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about the Paul and Joe’s Suite in the hotel Les Etangs de Corots : here the outsides I really enjoyed. A sweet incentive to contemplation and farniente (yes, just doing nothing!). Yes, even the fashion addict in me, needs relaxing breaks (lol!). The iPod plays Zara McFarlane (a London jazzy discovery, in a coming-up post).

Picture 1 : like in the South of de France (and Marcel Pagnol’s books), I feel totally de-stressed and so far away from the Paris cacophony (a bless!). Picture 2 : the room balcony calming view of ponds. Picture 3 : a listed guinguette from the late 19th or the beginning of the 20th century! Like in Renoir ou Carné’s movies with Arletty (a famous French actress and muse). Pictue 4 : the sleek covered deck of Café des Artistes, for a tasteful lunch, chatting with another ardent traveler, Pauline Pawlowski (last picture 5). I gave you this charming adress, please kept it confidential!

Informations : Les Etangs de Corots

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