Brussels: Costermans by Gérald Watelet

Crazy rythm between Paris-Brussels and Antwerp. 

Last friday I jumped in the Thalys (express train between Paris and Brussels) and guess who was sat next to me : Christian Lacroix himself! Wow… 

Then I rush to the Grand Sablon, for the Costermans by Gérald Watelet‘s press presentation. For the second consecutive year, Gérald Watelet, the Belgian former couturier puts on the costume of an assemblier” (a shopfitter) to collaborate with Costermans, the famous antique dealer. I’m late. Damned!

Gérald doesn’t remember our interview in the backstage of the TV program Sans Chichi, where he is playing a chef! He’s also a fantastic cooker. Here a quick sample of rooms decorated by Gérald Watelet, with the furniture mocked by Arnaud Jaspar-Costermans

It’s open to the public for free. Picture above : the “wallpaper” that’s not a wallpaper, is an unique composition directly drawn on the walls by Julien Colombier, a French young artist who has already worked for Chanel.

Picture 2 : Gérald Watelet in the “70’s-80’s” room. Pictures 3 & 4 : the room with the great exotic wallpaper, next to the big window transformed in a lush conservatory. Awsome! Picture 5 : Arnaud Jaspar-Costermans.

Costermans : Grand Sablon 5,  1000 Brussels, Belgium, T. 02 512 21 33,  

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