11th Biennale de Lyon: A Terrible Beauty is Born / La Sucrière

Last September, I attended the opening of the 11è Biennale de Lyon, “A Terrible Beauty is Born“. My first biennale of contemporary art, with a hot sunny day. First stop : La Sucrière, an old industrial building, located in a riverbank, with several exhibitions at different levels. Better than a long speech : here works of art I liked. Pictures 1 & 6 : Arthur Bispo Do Rosario, Semblantes. Picture 2 : Robbie Cornelissen, Het Grote Geheugen X / the Capacious Memory, 2011. Picture 3 : Julien Discrit, The Day Trip Project, 2011.  Pictures 4 & 5 : Robert Filliou, recherche sur l’Origine, 1974. Picture 7 : Thierry Raspail, the director of the 11th Biennale de Lyon, in front of two art works of Ernesto Ballesteros.

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