Drive: The Amazing Movie!

Rewind : I’ve watched Drive for one month. Slash : it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched! Just BRILLIANT! I didn’t go to the cinema for ages. Well I watched the lastAlmodovar in September… Forward : Drive is WOW! A cult movie. Thanks to the neat Nicolas Winding Refn’s making of film, without the boring codes of bad action movies or (worst) motors races movies. The script makes sense and keeps on track till the end, the story starts slowly and is made being faster and faster with sudden braking and ellipses in time. We hang on to our hats,  the story gets carried away while the characters reveal themselves. We unravel the weft, we anticipate, we are surprised. The actors give a real performance. And Ryan Gosling is amazing! I didn’t know him before, just gossips in feminine magazines (shame on me!  lol). Watching Drive gives me back the enthousiastic feeling of discovering a great new director, one of Tarantino’s kind. Congratulations to Nicolas Winding Refn, thanks to you I want to watch films again. And thanks to B for taking me to the cinema.

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