Brussels: Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio Live @ Bozar, Awsome!

I’ve just come back from the live of Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio @ Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels : HUGE ! A fantastic narrative music, I didn’t pay attention how long was the live, between a life and a minute… But enough for me, to watch all frames of my next movie (lol!).  Three calls, four standing ovations, non-stop rounds of applause and lots of emotion. Never seen as much as people @ night in Brussels. What a pity I didn’t bring my camera! The heteroclite swarm of human being in the large halls of BOZAR, amazing! Never seen as much Japanese people in Brussels too! I didn’t really know the music of this Oscar winner composer and pianist,  Ryuchi Sakamoto. Maybe a bit of the soundrack of The Last Emperor (or Furyo never ever watched, I really have to go more often to the cinematèque). When it started playing the first notes of Furyo’s soundrack, the audience got crazy! Wow! I’ve always associated the name of Ryuichi Sakamoto to David Bowie, same hair cut now (lol)! And after tonight live, I should add both of them are amazingly gifted! HUGE! There were all ages in the audience, even  some children (wise parents) : after the third calls, a Japanese granny asked and instisted for a track ! He played her track and with lots of simplicity, the artist signed her autographs on stage. I also really enjoyed his two fantastic musicians : Jaques Morelenbaum, the awsome cellist (I’ve noticed tonight how present was cello in my film culture) and Judy Kang, the great violonist. It was absolutely fantastic! Beauty is timeless. Thanks to Ryuchi Sakamoti Trio and BOZAR MUSIC for its eclectic music selection! What a week, starting with Barthélémy Toguo @ La Verrière Hermès,  it was my “blockbusters” cultural events week! Next : a blast with the great “Drive“, with Ryan Goslin (some says he’s the new Steve McQueen, do you think so?). 

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3 responses to “Brussels: Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio Live @ Bozar, Awsome!

  1. Hi there, thanks for your comments :
    @ Mohamed : yes please give us some recommendations to cheer with visitors of this blog. Before the first call, he played a great track : do you know the name of the track and the album? In fact, there were many beautiful tracks, but no program to check names of the tracks!
    Btw Amsterdam is great too!
    @ Ben : yes you missed a GREAT live! But if you check his website, there are the next European towns of his tour.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I sadly couldnt be there. He’s a great musician indeed!

  3. Hey I was there too! I came from amsterdam just to see this living legend. Its very rare to witness such a performance and with this kind of repertoire. You should def delve into his music now! You got one of the best introductions that I can imagine. If you want I can give you some recommendations. Btw this was my first time in Brussels. Lovely city! Gorgeous

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