Brussels: The Bordeaux Vintage Apero @ the Penates

Xtra fresh, yesterday night celebrates my coming back to Brussels nightlife! I went to the Apéros Vintage de Bordeaux (the Bordeaux Vintage Apero) @ Les Pénates, a bar near Place Flagey. Honestly I’m not the perfect audience,  I do not drink any alcohol. For me, Merlot and Cabernet are associated with the beauty label, Caudalie and I assume it! I love beauty, fashion… sorry I’m not a gourmet, I will do better! But curious, I’ve tested the Crémant de Bordeaux de Jaillance, a rosé full of bubbles (picture 2)! Well, it’s a lovely occasion to discover different wines of Bordeaux in Brussels trendy bars, at reasonnable prices. You can meet many people (some famous, some not), enjoying eclectic mixes of DJs Alexandra Vassen (picture 1) and Eva Peel.

Next : October 26 @ Bar du Matin, Chaussée d’Alsemberg 172, 1190 Forest. Infos : and facebook/VinsdeBordeaux  

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