Riraku, The Spa of The Hyatt Regency Kyoto : The Incredible Experience of The Japanese Acuponcture

As soon as I arrived in the Riraku spa, 

I felt being in a warm refine cocon (light panelling, subdued lights, cosy flow). I choose in the Japanese Medical Therapies menu, the Bishin treatment : more than one hour of Japanese acuponture treatment. A real discovery for me!

My bathrobe worn, the Japanese medical practitioner, a Japanese young woman, gives me a questionnaire. She will be my Japanese acuponture therapist.  She completes her precise diagnostic of my back pain (due to heavy photo equipment)!

She disinfects her hands and asks me to lie down and takes a long thin needle sterilised out of the box. Oops oops! She focusses a particular acuponture point and inserts the needle from a quick movement. I feel a really mild pinching, almost nothing. 

When she finishes with needles, she covers me with a cover and comes down the light intensity and leaves me “relaxing”. I’m floatting in the air, feeling a bit cold : in a perfect sleepness when she cames back half an hour later (she said).

Removing the needles,

she sometimes presses hard on the body with her hands. Before leaving, she explains me the correct assessment for my back problems and recommends me more Japanese acuponture treatments. 

I walk out drained and shaky, in a “marsmallow” body. I just want to chill, relax and doing nothing. Zen made in Japan! But the next morning, I woke up fresh  in a new body full of an incredible energy.

You definetly have to test it at the end of the day, planning nothing after if you really want to enjoy it! Sugoi sugoi!



Spa reservations : T. 075 541 3180, riraku@hyatt.com

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