Vidago Palace: A Futuristic Spa

I take you to the Vidago Palace, a superb Belle Epoque palace in the amazingly beautiful Douro valley (picture 3), in the North of Portugal. Calm amind the lush green, the spa is located in the futuristic new wing of Alvaro Siza Vieira (one of my favourite architects). Wow!  Seduced, I cross the long corridor from the main building to the 2500 meters squares spa. The retina dazzled by the spectrum of the light, I enter in a minimalist spacious hall  in white marble : the reception of the spa. The responsible of beauty treatments diagnosed : it will be a face treatment, including the new generation mesotherapy and a hand massage. Divine. He starts with a soft skin cleansing and the meso without injection (picture 2). I feel like quite being in a high tech laboratory… with an edonist vibe.

The atmosphere changes, by candlelight and bed heating (picture 1), I fall in sleep during the massage. When I wake up, my skin looks brighter and  my face relaxer. Then I go to the chill-out room, like a sas before going back down to earth. I could stay for ages, just drinking green tea. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the name of this made-to-measure facial treatment, I lost my prescription… oops! Good news,  in this refine spa, I’ve discovered an excellent Brit skin line with essential oils, Aromatherapie Associates. To be continued in a coming-up post…

Info : Vidago Palace Spa, Phone (+351) 276 990 970.



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