Kent, UK: Biking in Whitestable

Keeping its authenticity, Whitestable is a very chic seaside resort for Londoners. A big crush for the “very stylish” seaside to discover by bike, under a blue blue sky today: lucky me! I’ve always loved sheds and I want this one (picture below)!

Back to the Harbour hosts the main attractions of the Whitestable Oyster Festival, in a friendly ambiance. Between us, I really do not like oysters (lol!).

Lovely cottages with a fantastic sea view, most of them are Londoner’s properties. Maybe I will try some sailing, I love sailing. Okay,  let’s meet later, in my coming-up post for a bit of shopping in Whitestable…

Infos : Whitestable Cycle Hire, et Visit Kent,  

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