Kent, UK: A walk in Sandwich


After the exceptional gardens of Walmer Castel, let’s stroll in the picturesque small streets of  Sandwich. Look at the first picture, don’t you feel like being in the episodes of The Avengers! Lovely! Sandwich is a medieval town of Kent that used to be the most important port of England between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. The Saxon orign’s name of Sandwich meant sandy place, or the place on the sand. But what about Sandwich the food? Well, circa 1762, John Montagu,  the Earl of Sandwich and a burnt-out gambler, invented the sandwich. The legendary says while he was playing an endless game of cards, he asked for something to eat. The cook prepared him meat and cheese between bread to keep his hands clean. And our sandwich friend was born! Next stop : Whitestable’s seaside… sounds exciting too!

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