Dover, UK: The White Cliffs and St Margaret’s Bay

After arriving by Ferry in Dover,  I shortly drive to St Margaret’s Bay, a peaceful small bay nestled in the White Cliffs, only accessible by car. Menacing skies  like in a painting. Few people have a picnic on the rocks, others go for a walk near the cliffs. A deep feeling of calm, time seems to be stopped.

Photo above : At the left end of the bay, four houses are built on the rocks beach. One of them belonged to Ian Fleming (yes James Bond’s daddy!).

Photos above and below : late lunch @ Coastguard. Great bay view on the deck and good food. By the way, don’t forget to bring your sunblock! T: 01304 851019,

After this relaxing break, I jump in the car to the Walmer Castle, where the Duke of Wellington (yes the famous Wellington boots!) lived. I look foward to discovering its amazing  gardens. See you there in my coming-up post… 

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