Lisbon, Portugal: India That Wears You

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India That Wears You, for chic Bohemian travellers. Nice meeting with Graça Cordovil, the owner and fashion designer of the eponymous brand spends every year months in India :

– India inspires me for life and colors, mostly Rajasthan and New Delhi. I like people, fashion doesn’t interest me. My designs make the beauty come out. I like looking at people that come in my shop. I’ve started five years ago, before I worked in alternative medicine like Shiatsu. And I realized my first collection this year.

The useful nomad spirit of  her cotton jersey line transforms a casual dress in a trendy sarouel jumpsuit :

– Designs as comfortable as a pyjama that you transform to bring out your own identity.

Fun and simple. Graça also proposes soles and accessories to create your own flip flops (first photo), and some Portuguese young designers embroided totes (picture below) and belts.

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India That Wears You : Lx Factory, R.Rodrigues Faria, 103, 1300-501 Lisboa

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