Park Hyatt Tokyo: Meeting with Philippe Roux-Dessarps

The lift stops at the 52nd  floor,

I’m heading for the New York Bar. Yes, the smart bar of Sofia Coppola’s « Lost of Translation » (pictures 1 & 2)!

Jazzy atmosphere, fascinating hypnotic view from the sky of an endlessly Tokyo, the feeling is unreal. In the penumbra enhanced with indirect lights, a smiling waitress leads me.

I have a meeting with Philippe Roux-Dessarps, the General Manager of the Park Haytt Tokyo that occupies the top 14 floors of the Shinjuku Park Tower (last picture), designed by the famous Kenzo Tange, father of modern Japanese architecture. 

  Everyday I ask my team : how did you surprise a client today? 

We have varied customers (50% are leisure customers), lots of regular customers looking for a particular atmosphere and enjoying the intimacy of the hotel.

– Can you explain why we feel like in a cocoon in the Park Hyatt Tokyo?

– The staff humility. And we have few rooms : with 178 rooms, the hotel is intimate by Asian standards. And we don’t have a business atmosphere. The timeless design too : the Park Hyatt Tokyo has been an established hotel for 16 years. John Morford designed the interiors to feel like in a small elegant, personal, residence.

–  What is your next goal?

– Staying open to the next generations too. Staying modern without becoming gadget!

Here are the pictures of my favorite spaces.

At the 40th floor, I really enjoy the delicious Japanese cooking and the fantastic view of Fuji San, in Kozue restaurant (picture 3). I had a big crush on the superb earthenware plates and dishes created by craftsmen throughout Japan.

Peaceful atmosphere in the Library: a choice of 2000 books about arts, history, cultures and dictionaries (picture 4). Where the light is magic in late afternoon, when the sun falls down behind Fuji San (pictures above & below).  

Great details: reproductions of Fellini’s draws

in the cozy corridors leading to the rooms, spa and swimming pool (picture above & below).

At the 47th floor, the 65 feet (20 meters) swimming pool 

At least a hotel swimming pool where we can swim… looking down on Tokyo, with a sunrise or sunset light : exhilarating! 

In the Spa I could stay hours and hours, between whirlpools, wet and dry saunas, cold plunge pools and 360 degree body showers… treatment rooms and relaxation rooms, with in the background the panoramic view (picture below).

Every single detail is tidily thought: from the excellent Australian products ASEOP, to the ladies razors in the showers, to stay perfect in the country of the perfection.


Many thanks to Philippe Roux-Dessarps.  

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