Grand Haytt Tokyo: Meeting Christophe Lorvo at Keyakizaka

Awsome to have dinner in a restaurant of the hotel you stay.

No more trouble with rain, cold, hot or taxi, incomprehensible adresses or eels break in street (yes it happens!). I meet Christophe Lorvo, the dynamic General Manager of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo at Keyakizaka, one of the numerous restaurant of the hotel.

The name Keyakizaka comes from a wood called Keyaki and « zaka » means slope. This innovative Teppanyaki (literally « grilled on iron sheet ») features market fresh seasonal meats, seafood and vegetables. 

– Since I was ten years old, I’ve wanted to live in a hotel.

I’ve always wanted to live in hotels. When I understood, it couldn’t be possible, I decided to work in hotels. For 18 years, I’ve worked for the Hyatt group.

– What’s make so particular the Hyatt hotels?

– Those hotels always reflect the culture and the design of the countries. For exemple, here at Keyakizaka : the cooking respects seasonal ingredients, it’s really Japanese. You can see the fresh products to command what you like.

But the difference with Keyakizaka, even if the ingrediens and the way of cooking are Japanese, the displayed flavours came from all around the world. Hokkaido tomatoes with a balsamique sauce. It’s a meeting between Japan and the world.

Plates are light and delicous, too many to remember names…

The amazing quality of food and the cooking respects the ingredients original flavours. Everything is so perfect, including the plates presentation and the restaurant decoration. The yuppies cosmopolite young crowd takes part at the chic laid back atmosphere.   

After this superb dessert with sweetened chestnut purée,

Christophe Lorvo suggests me to visit the other restaurants and bars of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Follow us with the pictures below : here are my favorite ones for the atmosphere or the interior design.

The Oak Door Bar : for the ceiling, the trendy and really alive atmosphere and the beautiful people… The French Kitchen Terrace : very nice in the morning too (picture below).

Shunbou Ryotei :  for the lavish decoration of the Shunbou restaurant’s private rooms and for discovering Kaiseki (Japanese finest cooking).


Many thanks to Christophe Lorvo. 

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