Grand Hyatt Tokyo: A Room

Tokyo, Roppongi. 

I really like the Japanese minimalism and perfectionism of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo : the clear spirit of the decoration, without useless flourish. 

Because especially after a very long flight, a hotel means first a room and a location. And a room means perfect bedding and bathroom in a light space. 

And when a hotel can offert 

(requisite) taste, combined with very demanding comfort and service: it’s a gem! From the entrance of the room, like a rectilinear sheep-dip made of mahogany, I’ve enjoyed the refined “less is more” sense of detail : invisible sockets at the desk, minimum furnitures and wifi for net addicts like me!

The best surprise is the mahogany-coated bathroom:

welcoming, useful and rigourous (nice lightning and dressing and lovely pantropics with Japanese traditional patterns, small details make the difference),

Japanese toilets (a science!) and the bath-shower room : what a pleasure! In Japan, people wash first next to the bath, before having a bath : more hygienic. 

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I was a guest of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, many thanks to the team. As usually all my opinions are mine. 

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