Meeting Gilbert & George in BOZAR Brussels

Bubbling Meeting With Gilbert & George

The two blockbusters of contemporary art exhit in BOZAR museum, “Jack Freak Pictures”. BOZAR is defenetely a hotspot for astute exhibitions. I’m late as usual. In the big hall, journalists watch the pictures. Paul Dujardin, the museum director, anwsers a TV. And Gilbert & George? Sat on a bench in the middle of the big hall. The impassive duet chats with journalists. I quickly review the pictures and head for the phlegmatic gentlemen and invite them to strike the pose in front one of their work of art. Then…

– Today contemporary art? Everybody loves contemporary art …   

G & G: Yes, even in hairdressing salon, you find « contemporary art »! We’re not following the contemporary art. We are not a part of any movement. We are an artist. Two people, one artist.   

– How does it work? I mean the creative process?        

G & G: It’s a magical system (smiles). Schizophrenic. To be an artist, you need to believe you are an artist. You need confidence.

– Provocation?

G & G: Yes, without provocation, art is totally boring. Mais il faut aussi que l’œuvre soit accessible.  

– What does it mean for you being a successfull artist? Congratulation for lasting all those years, usually after being famous people split?     

G & G (surprised): No no we are an artist. We don’t need things. We take our breakfast in the cheapest place in the world (smiles) and spend most of the time in the atelier.    

– Do you consider yourselves as a Brit artist?      

G & G: No! George is British. Gilbert is from the Dolomiti. Do you know Spiterfield? We live there, people came from all over the world. Many different nationalities.

– Inspiration?

G & G: Close your eyes, look Inside.

Thank you Gilbert & George! And the approachable aristocratic duet has already gone answering new journalists in other halls. The first hall is empty now and I can dicover the exhibition alone. GO TO BOZAR AND ENJOY! For all informations about the exhibition, click here.

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