Meeting Mireille Martens, The Chief Editor of GAEL

Mireille Martens warned me, « fields on your left, getting off train», before adding amused : « a Paris girl in the Belgian countryside ». Fine, I got lost. Miraculously, I arrive ahead of schedule. Change my Converse for high eels sandals, more glam. I have a meeting with Mireille Martens, the chief editor of GAEL, here in Belgium the French-speaking reference of women magazines :

– I hate in many women magazines this sententious threatening silly way to speak to women. I am very rebel with this. Have fun, don’t be afraid to dare! GAEL speaks to “adult” women. We select propositions. The GAEL’woman’s already been an expert and realized certain things in her life. There are lots of  psycho and wellness articles.

Mireille’s breaking off to introduce me, « the best stylist of Brussels and Belgium », Martine Olivier. Getting back a  Zara shopping, Martine adds :

– could you write how difficult it is to have a shopping of  Zara?

Quick snapshots, good light. Mireille continues :

– Fashion and women magazines are interesting when we do psychology. When this frivolous part can be linked to something deeper. C’est aussi le droit de voir les côtés légers de la vie et le plaisir de s’embellir la vie. This has nothing to do with the spending spree.

Gratuate of  a Bachelor of Journalism, Mireille starts as a Public Relations at Solvay, then works as a copyeditor at Media Marketing. In 1983, she’s been the chief editor of the French-speaking weekly Flair for ten years. And since then she’s been the chief editor of  GAEL :

– I have no received wisdom and I really enjoy working for women magazines. It talks about everyday life subjects. When I started  working at GAEL, nobody wanted to be in charge of fashion, so I took the baby. Fashion people are not easy to lead.

Mireille’s smiling putting back her scarve :

– Since then, I’ve liked and my best time, it’s when pictures arrive. Choosing a cover, it’s a big pleasure. 

Is there any Belgian style ?

– There is a Belgian style. GAEL is specifically Belgian : we are a general-interest magazine and  we like to share. We are happy to offer to our readers a relaxing pleasure buble with useful infos. I do the nicest job of the world, because it’ a team work embodies conviviality, sharing and pleasure worths. It’s a huge privilege, what a luck! 

Mireille’s hotsopt :

– I am really happy to live in Brussels, I think it’s a privilege. We have fun.

A shop : Bozar shop, a place inspiring. rue Ravensteinstraat 15, 1000 Brussels,  

Thanks a lot Mireille!

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