Brussels: Meeting Eric Monami And The “Sans Chichis” Team

– I like to be in the inner cercle with the others, 

says Eric Monami, the producer of the TV program “Sans Chichi” played on the RTBF (the Belgian public television). Naïvely I thought making this interview during a shooting day was a great idea. It is, but I confess I lost a bit of my concentration. Many people go back and forth, chat, laugh and of course work, great atmosphere. Eric is calmy speaking again :

– The original idea of “Sans Chichis” was inspired by a TV progam of France 5 « Les Maternelles ».  But we couldn’t adapt the concept for Belgium. With François Tron, the TV programs director of the RTBF, we read many women’s magazines to conceive the contents of the TV program. It was really entertaining !

We wanted a TV program about real life, with the idea of real conviviality and closeness and useful news. Our advantage is we talk about Belgian things to the Belgian audience. The TV program speak not only to women, but also to men. 40% of men read women’s magazines. I don’t  feel uncomfortable to say it, I like women’s magazines. We realized a pilot program in June 2009. And the transmission started last Septembre 28, 2009.

In charge of the editorial line with Patrick Weber, Sandrine Graulich

is adding (picture above):

– “Sans Chichis”, it’s like a sitcom, with three main characters, Joëlle (Scoriels) – Adrien (Devyver) –  Gérald (Wathelet). They lead the life of the TV program, with every day, a different feature editor.

Stopping his checking with a technician, Eric is explaining me:

– We made a casting and choose Joëlle. She is really clever, serious and crazy. She is able to welcome Mrs X or a professor. For cooking with Gérard Wathelet, we need cool people. We try to have fun, comme like buddies.

Adrien Deviver is checking is computer before co-hosting the TV program.

And the entertainer Gérard Wathelet is appearing

to explain me more about his ecclectic career started as a couturier (picture above):

– And as a landscape gardener. And now as a radio host too, in a program where I can tell every things about dead writers (Laughs). It’s all about the same thing, I’ve always loved different worlds. I love what is good, and lasts, quality and humility. You have to be very very good and always expect more.

What is the Belgian food ?

– The basis of Belgian food came from the French bourgeoise food. Some examples : Carbonates flamandes, Boulets à la liégeoise, Petits gris de Namur (snails).

Eric’s recommends:

A museum : in the Musée d’Art Ancien, I have a paintaing I love, « Le Brailleur ». Place Royale 3, 1000 Brussels.

Gérald’s recommends:

A restaurant : the Archiduc, Antoine Dansaert 6, 1000 Brussels, Tel : 02 512 06 52, 

Thanks Eric, Sandrine, Coco, Gérald, Joëlle and Adrien !

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