Joëlle Scoriels in the backstage of “Sans Chichis” TV program

Here I am, between the back and forth of technicians and the laughs of the production team of the « Sans Chichis » TV program of the RTBF, one of the Belgium national channels. I follow  Joëlle Scoriels in her dressing room, a capsule bathroom refurbished in a cloakroom. Short time break, the shooting will start again.

– I am super lucky. I work.

Eyes suddenly serious, the spruce TV host of « Sans Chichis » is not another stupid bimbo. Joëlle is certified in “Philologie romaine” (classics literary studies) and in design at La Cambre :

– I can draw, I can write. I didn’t want to work in TV. It happenend by chance at a diner. I’ve never had any career goals, I just want to feel good.

– I’ve been six-seven years at MCM Belgique (a Music TV channel). I started at the Top 50 TV program.I was quite sad, I didn’t like the MCM’s flow. I really had to learn this « youngster » attitude.

Then she was a feature editor at « 50 Degrés Nord », the cultural TV progrm hosted by Eric Russon on Arte Belgique. But with « Sans Chichi », she is free to fully express her talent :

– It’s the first time I host a real big TV program, with a real content. I think being the same person. It’s my real me on the air. To be honest, I like to watch the TV program. Thanks to the team’s complicity, it’s fluid. They are all fantastic.

Showing me the outfits carrying, Joëlle takes the drink of wine served by Gérald Wathelet, the funny chief of the TV program :

– They take care of me (in a dazzling smile). Bouzouk is in charge of my stylism in the TV program. I am not a fashionista with a shopping addiction. And I’m not sad about it. In real life, I get dressed in Zadig et Voltaire and Diesel. But I really enjoy decoration : items, contemporary design full of colors, the sixties and mixes. I am a stay-at-home person. I have a seventeen months baby. It’s amazing. A wonder, the ecstasy! I am absolutely crazy about my little boy. And since he was born, I’ve been afraid of the death every second.

Sandrine Graulich, Mrs Production, enters and checks notes with Joëlle. Few weeks ago, I’ve met Bouzouk, a Belgian famous make-up artist. I guess he found me a bit crazy! Now they call Joëlle on stage. Favorite request : Brussels ?

– I’ve emigrated to Waterloo,unfortunately ! I am Brussels, I love Brussels. This town is a tangle, nineteen districts with an social coeducation for a long time. Ixelles district is a good exemple. I am from the Forest district, it’s a very mixed place. I love going in fancy dress of tourist. Brussels is a « new world » city, where I always know brasseries to go.

Last sentence?

– I feel highly happy! I just miss a Rochefort  10, it’s a smooth beer, avec a small note of caramel and banana. Wild !

Joëlle’s favourite :

The Walvis Café, “a trendy bobo bar and great location to meet friends in the Canal’s district”. Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 209, 1000 Brussels, Tel : 02 219 95 32

Thanks Joëlle! 

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  1. joelle est vraiment une super woman

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