Accessories Selection Spring-Summer 2010

A little shopping online. The crush : the Quicksilver‘s board designed by André (1), let’s move to Colette for the exhibition February the 24th. Sequin necklace (3) for the Mermaid : Stella McCartney @ Snobism :  “Argentine” colour of Bernard Willhem‘s nail polish (4) @ Colette. To accessorize with a Diane Von Furstenberg Massai bangle (2).

More nail polish? What about “Kenya” colour, still from Bernard Willhelm (4) @ Colette. Massai colourful necklace of Diane Von Furstenberg (1), with a Marc Jacobs resin bangle (2) @ It’s been a while, the Super Jamie fever gets back to me with those Bata boots (3).

The chick loves luxury. Le trophy : Lanvin fantastic necklace (2) @ Bombalicious on those Diane Von Furstenberg dizzy sandals (1), for lazing under the sun. With a Marni necklace (3) in salvaged material.  Yes I love mother Earth!

The Marni necklace (3) and bangle recycled (5). THE crazyness : the great Liebert‘s clutch (1) @ An unisex ring by Jil Sander (2). And the best : Lanvin flashy tennis shoes (4) @, the best online shop!

Look books by Mademoiselle Le K – Photos credits : Terence Hassen and Eric Heranval for Colette / D.R.:  Diane Von Furstenberg, Jil Sander, Marni /

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