1060: A Band From Brussels

It started with a Cook and Book invitation at the showcase. The music, the fluid soul folk voice: an evidence. I’ve quickly met the 1060 : Renoar Hadri and Joy Simar, in their recording studio in Bruxelles 1060, for the promo of “Fortunella“, their first album.

Music please!

Renoar, producer-composer: I play bass and guitar. The studio is my thing. I feel like more as an architecte of textures. When I listen to something for the first time, I never analyse. The first listening is very primitive: rythms, colors, textures. A simple vocabulary, always spontaneous, instinctive. 

Joy, author-singer-guitarist: Music is magic, even you’re able to understand the heory, who cares! It’s textures, emotions always in renewal. You must not hod up and downI, music is a light and you cover this way to the light. When I was ten years old, I drew people singing and I haven’t touched any instrument before 17 years old! I’ve really played guitar for three years. I’ve started to jam for fun with Renoar in 2005. Then during five years, I’ve learnt to use my voice, the interaction with music. Before, it was empty. 

“Parallel stages”

Renoar: Our way of working is really really free, I give the basis and Joy improvise onomatopoieas. And we improvise with the musiciens. It’s more a collaboration with lots of friendship. The are all great musicians, such as the guitarist, Francis Perez (de Vaya Con Dios). The « Fortunella » album allows to end  or start  a project. It sets things. We finished it March 2009. We’re going to play in live, with more improvisation. And we think of the next album, we don’t know what it will look like. Maybe more electronic, more flow and more groove.

Joy: More exploring the voice, the flow and the beat. I do love the acoustic element. It’s great to see people enjoy this album. I wanted to be honest and people to fell it. We had a great welcome.

In 2007: the first single « Wrinkle »

Joy: We were not ready for the album. It was mostly Renouar who looked for his groove.

Renouar (45 years old): I didn’t want a Belgian rock sound. I was looking for a hot sound, something not aggressive, positive vibes. I have a jazz musician background, my example? Joe Zawinul. I’ve listened a lot of funk fusion, like Bootsy Collins.

Joy (29 years old): For me, it was more some Flemish pop rock played on Studio Brussel (public radio of the Flemish Community), Ani DiFranco, old soul and Cat Stevens. I haven’t found yet the sound of the 2010 years. 


1060: We try to export our music!

Thank to 1060!

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