Brussels, Belgium: Les Sablons

Under snow and Chrismas decorations, the picturesque Sablons district is absolutely stonished. Pictures 1 & 3: Chinese lanterns outside and shop interior of the chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, the belgian Pierre Hermé. Photo 2: in the window of an antique dealer, this superb sledge, like in fairy tales. Pictures 4 & 5: the chic selection and window inspired by the Xian footsoldiers in chocolate, of the house of  Wittamer, since 1910 and Official Supplier to the Court of Belgium. Picture 7: the Taschen bookshop, also opened sundays, after a brunch in the Pain Quotidien, 11 rue des Sablons. And if you miss cultural events, the musée d’Art Ancien and the musée d’Art Morderne are really near: 3 rue de la Régénce, and next to the very media Musée Magritte too: 1 Place Royale. Last picture: THE refined shop of the great Belgian fashion designer Jean-Paul Knott, trained by Yves Saint Laurent and former Cerruti’s Art Director. Do enjoy the Sablons!

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