MSSNDCLRCQ, Brussels: Exhibitions of Anish Kapoor, Sarah Botswick and Fabrice Samyn

IF this – Anish Kapoor, the famous Brit artist, makes you feel baffled, so open wider your eyes to discover the other artists. First Kapoor: in a small bright white room, lighted with a white neon, a rectangle covered with blue pigment. Difficult to know if the rectangle is pasted, painted or inlayed in the wall. If it is, how buying the work of art ? With the wall? Forget it, here the work of art is a stainless steel plate positioned precisely. Because I’m not an expert, I often have many weird questions. The fourth floor gallery’s space is  stonished and the team is really nice and helpful. First level, in half-light: “Grand Central” of Sarah Botswick in collaboration with Jim Campbell. The picture below doesn’t exactly show the work of art. We’ve spent lot’s of time to figure out the technique of the amazing video effects: really impressive! On the sculpted resin, blurred shapes of men in different sizes. Hypnotic back and forth. I’ve really liked it.

Few steps higer: the “Mirror” installation. I love it. The gallery’s co-owner, Mr. De Clerq explained us with passion the genesis of Fabrice Samyn’s art. The Belgium artist works focusses on time’s perception. I’ve instinctively enjoyed this mirror.  Usually concepts bother me, that’s why contemporary art sometimes bothers me. We can read different words on the mirror depanding on the light and the meaning changes, it’s really exciting!  I guess you have more and more doubts: go to the gallery and discover the installation in situ. Hurry-up, the different exhibitions: “Woods. Absence of Objects” of Anish Kapoor, “Passages” of Sarah Botswick and “Je suis un Hôte” of Fabrice Samyn, end December 19!

Thanks to the MSSNDCLCRQ gallery. Adress: 2 rue de l’Abbaye, B 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

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