Designer Frimousses dolls in the fight to help the children of Darfur

After the exhibition at the Petit Palais, the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris, save the date of the Designer Frimousses dolls auction on 19 November at Drouot Montaigne, Paris’s prestigious auction house. Since 2003, fashion designers and artists have worked to create something beautiful to help children of Darfur, crafting dolls that become veritable works of art. The whole amount raised during the auction will support the vaccination programme in one of the regions most devastated by the deadly conflict there. Today, more than 4.7 million people are affected, of which 2.2 million are children. Thanks to the Designer Frimousse operation, under the aegis of Laeticia Hallyday, ambassador for UNICEF France, UNICEF carries out the fight for children vaccination every year in the region of Darfur. Vaccination, a method that is both very effective and inexpensive, would prevent these deadly diseases from a very young age (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio) and would eradicate this scourge that affects thousands of children every day. The 2008 sale raised 219,130 Euros, used directly on the ground to finance emergency : in the Darfur region, 260,000 children and 195,000 pregnant women received vaccines. Don’t forget these dolls will be sold at auction on 19 November at Drouot Montaigne: 

 Public exhibition : 19 November 2009 from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m. 

Sale at Drouot Montaigne : 19 november 2009 @ 9.30 p.m

The fashion designer Chantal Thomass (photo ©Thomas Arrivé)

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