Young Gallery, Brussels: Exhibition of Nick Brandt, “A Shadow Falls”

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Rewind, November 10, 8 p.m.: arriving at the Conrad Hotel, surprise surprise, it’s crowded in front of the Young Gallery. My first opening in Brussels, course Nick Brandt is a star. Ok, I make my way through peolpe to get in the gallery: “Excuse me, are you a press officer?“. And I find myself in front of a press photographer’s camera of the opening. I cheese and catch my kind gallery officer: “Well, I’d like to make an interview of Nick Brandt, the photographer“, “Oh! He’s…mmmh around. He’s got a jacket with inscriptions on his back“. Good…”And what does he look like?“, “My height, not really tall“, “Thanks!“. Perplexed. An amused look at the moving crowd: how locating in half light an inscription on jacket’s back? Fantastic pictures (big crush on the elephants ones) and great gallery’s atmosphere: I quickly forget the interview for those snapshots! Enjoy!

W101109 ExpoYoungGalleryNickBrand1W101009 ExpoYoungGalleryNickBrandt3W101109ExpoYoungGalleryNickBrandt2WebInvitYoungGallery NickBrandt2

Young Gallery: Avenue Louise 75b – Wiltcher’s place – Conrad Hotel – 1050 Bruxels – Belgium

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  1. D’autres photos superbes de l’Afrique sauvage en noir et blanc par un photographe francais :

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