Moscow with SMDB: Episode1, The Arrival

Boarding to Moscow, via Francfort… Da, a snapshot of me in a hurry: natural predisposition for missing flights! I’m on my way to meet the SMDB, to shoot pictures of their xpress tour in Moscow. Sounds exciting. Wow Moscow: the absolut exotism. I have in mind all those movies with spies and the Kremlin during the cold war, some James Bond with Sean Connery. And of course today Moscow, one of the trendiest cities: thanks Louis Vuitton guide! That I won’t have time to check during this trip dedicated to this urban phenomenon: some “fluo kids” (as Pedro Winter’ll explain me later at Castelbajac show) enjoy dancing the Milky Way on techno music.

The airport

First views


Jack Herror & Spoke with the Moscow dream team


The break before tonight dance competition


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