Antwerp: “Paper Fashion” Exhibition at MoMu, the Fashion Museum

Till August the 16th 2009, at the Antwerp Fashion Museum, MoMu: “Paper Fashion“. A samll museum with really refined exhibitions. Who’s ever known Tapa? Me absolutely not! Tapa is the pioneer of paper, made by the Ituri, Pygmy of Congo. Matter softer than Papyrus, painted by women under hallucinogenics. Wow! A resume of men history in an exhibition gathering pop art, artists, fashion designers, restoration of Japanese Edo era’s clothes etc… A real pleasure! The scenography is simple and fun. An eclectic walk in times and cultures for our eyes. « Light » as a sheet of paper! And for all like me who doesn’t read captions at exhibitions, enjoy reading the small booklet at a table outside, under the spring sunshine! Quick and interesting! MoMu: Nationalstraat28/B, 2000 Antwerp 

The letter: “Airmail Dress”, Hussein Chalayan

The underground: Travis Hutchison’s pictures 

Pleats: Issey Myake’s “8 Dresses In Pleats Paper”

Poetry: “Uptown NY”, Allen Ginsberg 

The tribute: to Anna Piaggi (dress: JCDC, cape: Angela et Giovanni Grimoldi, hat: Stephen Jones and vintage stick)

The restoration: Edo era Kamiko coat, Japan

Pop animals… Lost the caption: Mademoiselle you‘re not seroius!

Sixties: Fancy Color, dress to color (inspired by Warhol and Nico) 

The symbol: Twins Towers, picture of Sara Caplan

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