Bangkok, Thailand: Thai home cooking?


Question: is there any particular link between The Thai and the eggs? In a popular area without trends or tourists I‘ve first noticed the « thing » . Rewind: I come back, look with a culinary attention, bissfully smile at the unruffled pedlar. Original and unheard and graphic: THE eggs kebab! Then I go on with the Siam Paragon delicatessen, lost in the huge eggs department. Pisctachio green, pink Schiaparelli, flesh-coloured giants ou mottled Xsmall ones… of many different birds species. I very near have indigestion and « The Birds » of Hichcock! Pause: no more eggs for… Any clue? Ten years ago, the impromptu visit of a cave with prehitorical draws on a really small southern Kho (Kho means island). Tall bamboo schaffolding to reach the nests. A fishermen family sold the Japanese gourmets the rare eggs very expensive, for their libidos vertue… course, for men! Happy the man who takes care of his virility by fooding! To meditate…




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