Paul Smith Rose, Fragrance For Women


In the roses blossom garnement bag,

a refined translucent bottle of perfume, with a single fancy detail: the striated silver stopper with the Paul Smith signature. The pale pink colour of the Rose perfume water tells us the fragrance might be light. Finall I open the bottle and smell the extremly sensual fragrance of roses freshly picked.       

As always with the Paul Smith‘s world: it‘s really modern (no useless surplus), with a discrete imaginative note that makes the difference. Here, this heady note is more sophisticated and added to the basic smell of roses, without making it heavy.       

Very spring-like. A smell wrongly ingenuous, for women not girls. There are also a “Perfumed Bath and Shower Gel” and a “Perfumed Body Lotion”, much more a perfume in lotion than a moisturizing.     

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