Thai massage in Bangkok


For hedonistic Robinson Crusoe only. After the overstatement of towers and malls and flashy gigantism and tacky luxury and endless kilometers. Finally the matt sparkle of a sober style, with green plants and teck. Simple rustic refinement, I feel comfortable in the terrasse of the therapeutic traditional massages center, Ruen Nuad. It’s like being in another world, without any rush, stress and noise. And before the massage, the masseuse meticulously wash your feet. Then you walk in bamboo flip flop and large Thai trousers.


First trying on a southern Kho (island), where the masseuse, after stretched me in a very strong way, walked on my back. Ouch! And I don’t remember if I felt a sense of well-being, probably not. Wise, years later, I’ve tryed again in Bangkok. Since I’ve been addicted. Below, the ascetic zen cabin: entrance made up of a net and subdued daylight and good airing. During, it isn’t really nice. Mostly when the masseuse is strong. Just after, my body is like a chewing-gum and I can feel some “forgotten” muscules, beginnings of aches. And the following day, I feel an incredible sense of well-being and lightness. Fantasctic!


The feet massage is a m-u-s-t! Nothing to do with the Chinese one, really effective but a bit too strong. Here feet and calfs are wrapped in warm towels, the massage is executed by gentle pressures. And I fall asleep. Stoppage time! After you dont walk, you fly… above the traffic jam!


Ruen Nuad: 42 Convent Rd / BTS Saladaeng – Tel: 02-632 2663

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  1. after your description of the thai massage, i feel like going there again……..

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