Philadelphia by night: ?uestlove mix (The Roots) and snack @ Jim’s Steak

Big up to Philly! Philadelphia is the hometown of The Roots.So after my photo shoot of the famous band in Paris, what about a live mix of ?uestlove (the drum) at Fluid, in Philly? Yes three days of pure sound in Philly baby! Next post: my meeting with the psychedelic mythical jazz band, Sun Ra. 

After many dancefloor hours (the resultut on picture below, my feet break): a snack at the Jim’s Steaks au top depuis 1939! A culinary short lesson how to prepare the Jim‘s hamburger. After the academic Pink’s L.A. hot dog, I’ve started a real chronical of the Amercan food(ing) . Too bad, I dont like steaks and I’ve prefered talking with a turquoise green blue beard nice guy: a Wrestling star (last picture: sorry guys, no way for you to check the colour beard!). Wow wow! Show must go on!

Jim’s Steaks: 400 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

To be continued…

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