Philadelphia: Sun Ra, jazz band

To end 2008 in music: my funny bizarre meeting with the mythical Jazz band, Sun Ra created by the eponymous virtuoso charismatic founder, dead in 1993. How to discribe you Sun Ra‘s music: inspired and avant-garde and elitist… coming from a far Cosmos, Saturn, I quote. And the veterans looks are also inspired. Shiny shiny like stars. Thanks to the mystery connection with the ring of Saturn, three Venus girls: Akemi San, Miss H and I, have been transformed in ballet dancers (a short of Isadora Ducan of the futur) and champagne guests for the Jazz band during few hours, a New Year Eve, in the really smart Culture Center of Philly! I precise the pink dress belongs to a lady of the audience. And perfectly illustrates the mix between arty and bobo more highbrow than bohemian. The America of indpendant movies. Enjoy the flav!

And please before leaving don’t forget your Boosty Collins jacket and miniature disco bowl, to bring back the crazy feeling at home sweet home: freaky groovy 09!

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