Paul Smith: Paul Smith Story, Perfume For Men

I’ve really liked Paul Smith Story 

The last perfume for men of the fashion designer Paul Smith, I’m a huge fan. First the original minimalist packaging brings us to a world : a white box to open like a book with a first black page.

I take of the refined rectangular bottle, really nice to keep in hands, transparency game, light tinted fragrance. Modern. The bottle looks like a paperback or small note book where the fragrance is the thread and the skin, the imaginative world. Exciting metaphor.

I smell. First the scent is really strong and masculine, then slowly melts in the skin like ice leaving a discrete, but heady presence. Smart. A fragrance for a confident gentleman who prefers seducing in a discrete way than a provocative away. An eau de toilette that finishes a silhouette, participating in the daily appearance, without being in the limelight.

Over the day, the smell on skin becomes absolutely irresistible. Gentlemen, for the most addictive of you, there are also the all over Shampoo, after-save Lotion and after-shave balm. By the way, don’t forget the suit and the casual attitude for a perfect Paul Smith finish!

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2 responses to “Paul Smith: Paul Smith Story, Perfume For Men

  1. The perfume is lovely- ive smelt it and i’d buy it. He is truly such an inspirational designer as well as artist. I say artist because he is currently exhibiting the ‘Rubbish Bin Bunny’ at the London Design Museum and Its such a great design. When you drop rubbish into it – it’s ears light up 🙂

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