DJ Chicken Playlist

Back from my L.A city guide (previous posts), difficult to start the most fashionable month of this really busy  autumn. I felt the huge need of music, a different music than the three insipid songs of the moment. So I asked my Bollywood friend Mr. Chicken Tandoori aka DJ Chicken to cook spicy a surprising but not boring playlist for Mademoiselle Le K. And the result is simply brilliant. Ultra rock, a bit trash and smart, sometimes eighties and somtimes groovy and sometimes totally freaky ! Narrative music. From the first listening, two pearls: Diskonoise (Los Chicros) and Rich Girls (The Virgins), I love.

Click here for listening the DJ Chiken’s playlist

MERCI DJ Chicken : « L(ast) N(ight) a DJ saved M(y) E(ars) », enjoy my new section! Here the extra : the pictures of a new (imaginary) L.A. Rock band , The Violent Purples. King Kong Jr our Drum & Bass son of…

Mademoiselle Le K, singing, swinging, remixing and directing the making of…

Thai Elvis, the special guest (we’ve still waited for his answer). Glen, magic keyboards and electro composer. It just misses our sexiest partner, Al K., the guitar hero who’s already had an ego trip and hates pictures.

First single only on Myspace: « My people are more beautiful than yours, yeah ! »

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