Los Angeles: a drink@The Standard, dinner@Palms Thai & snack@Pink’s

The Standard 

Right The Standard Downtow L.A is more mature fashion crowd: Armani successful parties and great decoration. But I’ve still liked having a drink at The Standard Hollywood on Sunset boulevard, more bohemian and independent filmmakers dressed like Sonic Youth. Most of all, the hotel is located in West Hollywood, near Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Melrose. Sunset is the playground of wow wannabes something and it’s pretty funny to watch them. Near the Standard Hollywood, there are the famous Château Marmont and Mondrian and Barfly and one of my favorite restaurants too. Downtown L.A.: it’s a bit too Spartan and perfect. There are some incredible lofts, but I feel home here.

Palms Thai 

Let’s go to Los Feliz, between Armenia and Thailand, to have a fanciful diner at the Palms Thai, with our Thai Elvis Presley live, local star! Wow! I really do like this authentic popular part of this district: the mat sparkle of L.A. Where my old Armenian grocer sells Halva and sings Aznavour each times I come in the shop! A kind of Blue in The Face mood, but in L.A, with weird funny clients, always the same. Lot’s of feeling! I also like the architecture, the elegant quaint spirit of the old L.A., 30-50’s fronts and copies of castles like flats residence. Some very few arty edgy bars and restaurants. There are often shootings in motels around, Tarantino vibes. In the rich part of Los Feliz, near the Griffith Park, some stars including Madonna, have a house. From the Observatory, looking at night the city, impressive show of a huge shining octopus. How can’t we be bewitched!

Palms Thai : 5900 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028-5410, Phone: (323) 462-5073   


Who’s never known about the Pink’s Hot dog ? Since 1939 in Hollywood : THE hot dog academy. Stars hot dog. I don’t exaggerate! Even the Fashion planet stops at Pink’s: Yes Karl (Lagerfeld) was there! I’ve noticed since my post about the Dover Street Market in London, we’ve gone to the same places, gosh how small is the planet Earth! Lol! And of course many many other big stars… you know the chorus now: you’re in L.A, baby! Look at the crowd behind me stands in line and you catch the point!

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