Hollywood boulevard: day and night

Hollywood ! Going up to better look at the sprawling angels. Hollywood boulevard in daytime is a big cheap supermarket for not refined tourists. At night, better to forget: prostitutes and soliciting. The perpendicular streets are much more interesting, with trendy restaurants, bars and other, where the decoration is often a bit too much and rocco barocco, so characteristic and authentic. You’re in L.A. baby! Here no subtlety and great relax atmosphere.

Almost empty, the strip, early morning and already this incredible light : I love. Starting the Walk of Fame by Elvis Presley (related post about the today Thai Elvis Presley of L.A. !)

Kitsch beauty Salon in the trendy Hollywood, less touristic and much more fun and funky !


A TV filming at the Chinese Theatre used for the Hollywood Movies first.

Tribute to the eternal “bigger than life” Sir Chaplin waits for long in the hall of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Night flight in the hype Hollywood

Since 1927, the historical Hotel Roosevelt, beautifully renovated in 2005.

For « la razza » :

B-52’s posters of a gay club in the heart of the revival Hollywood and art and furniture galleries

Why do they always forget to show how green is L.A. ? And this absolutely unique brightness !

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