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Do you like stars? Hollywood stars? I’ve just received pictures of a friend of some Hollywood awards we’ve been invited for more than one year. Already! Yes that’s Halle Berry and David Duchovny. Here some pictures – sorry my love, definitely you’re not a photographer, lol. It misses many other like Robin William etc. Very exciting to be sat surrounded by stars. How can I explain you : in L.A. star is an omnipotent icon. Everywhere else, I don’t mind (I’m more in independent movies), but here “we” all get involved in the star religion! Quite frightening I guess! Starting at breakfast on TV (with stars hosts talking about stars) or meeting by luck Jamie Lee Curtis at the Beverly Hills Pain Quotidien, then exercise with the handsome coach (the wannabe star, a trendy soap opera actor)… and so and so on… Ok that’s including in the L.A. trip package: stars, coach and hype parties, where people go back home really early compared to New York, London or Hong Kong. But me, I do love L.A. Bonus, here they don’t have this unbearable Paris attitude: always looking bored. Thankxxx! And we have to look like the most admiring in a huge bright smile, telling in the same time how much this star is awesome etc…We all are in love! And I like this extreme excessive enthusiastic play with something sincere. Refreshing, cause so far from my beloved Paris manner. Take stars for example: improve at the Actors Studio. And then enjoy and keep smiling baby! You’re in L.A., the city of Angels!  

Vanessa Williams & Patrick Demsley

The best entertainer ever : big up to Queen Latifah!

One of my favorite, maybe because of surf: Cameron Diaz

David Duchovny & Halle Berry again: my “métisse” magic woman! 

Mr. 24 Hours… Kieffer Sutherland

Oops! I really don’t know!

Kieffer Sutherland & the ultra glam Eva Longoria

Never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but the team looks GREAT !

In front, “Sexy Back” was in duplex!

The ex-boyfriend of Jenifer Aniston? Vince Vaughn

The set

Cameron & ? Famous friends

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