Nickel, Paris: Face Treatments For Men

Gentlemen, I’d really like to make you discover

those serious face treatments, with great funny names! A early thirties friend’s told me about Nickel few months ago, as: The best label. I’ve discovered it in the French magazine for men, Optimum. Efficient products for us, without too much blablabla…”.

True, considering the name of products: “Bonne Gueule “ (Good Face), the moisturizer. “Moorning After Rescue Gel” (in French “Lendemain de Fête” literately means “Moorning after partying”): to have a good complexion. “Fire Insurance”: the after shave cream! And “Super Clean”: the scrubbing gel.

So I ask five friends (from 20 to 37) to test those products. And the younger as the older wanted to have the same: a clean and comfortable skin and don’t look tired. Afraid to age? Cool, the stress has gained our male friends.

And the winner is the “Moorning After Rescue Gel “ all of them found it great! Just one problem: the “expensive price” I quote. For us, the ladies: if those skin cares can help you gentlemen, not to take our very very expensive specific super efficient creams, so we do love Nickel too!

Don’t we say somewhere in a Disney harem: an immaculate clean man’s worth three, do we? Mmm I guess: a well-manner and nicely shod and  immaculate and clean gentleman’s worth two… No: three! You’ve been warned!  

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