Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: culture and art

Early morning Slash Cable car Slash Pao de Açucar Slash Beautiful view Next!

Back to Ipanema, my new address really close to the beach, in a narrow street with a closed access.  At the entrance: digital lock and padlock, very “Prison Break “. But charming colorful small houses. A quiet islet surrounded by towers.

Lapa: bad DJs, bad night, bad club I didn’t choice! Described as a young arty district. I’ve just seen drunk students and dirty hippies like in the seventies I guess.  And many “supposed to be an artist”, banal cliché. And I enjoy too much graffiti to flash on ordinary tags they call “urban art”. Few times tested during the daytime or at night: I don’t like Lapa.

I love this! The MAM: a real space dedicated to art where I’ve discovered more than I expected at last! Brilliant museum, exciting exhibitions of Brazilian artists, in an interesting architecture: congratulations! Tomorrow I’ll visit M. Niemeyer in Niteroi (a Brazilian genius architect).

I go to the Chocolates Kopenhague, it’s tasting: too sweet for me, I need less sugar and ingredients  to keep the bitter flavor of cacao.Chocolates Kopenhague: Av Rio Branco 151 B – Centro, Rio de Janeiro. Another Brazilian discovery at the charming tearoom Confeitaria Colombo, the Brigadeiros: chocolate candies, between mini cakes and truffles. I didn’t taste them.

Since childhood, those colorful “wishes-bangles” represents for me the holiday signal. Concerning the wishes, it’s another story babe… I’ve just forgotten my Havaianas and my “Tong book” (about flip flops) and Seu Jorge and my Favela Funk CD…

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