Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: beauty and plastic surgery

Tudo bem In Brazil For The Body Cult!

Cia-cia-ciao lovely women’s magazines and archaic diets! In Rio, the press has developed many big audience magazines about aesthetic surgery for young and “less” young men and women. At least to be more beautiful, all suffer the same way or almost.

And the radiant proud Carioca stars are really good at explaining their “perfection” secrets. Claimed bistouries’ addiction with no inhibitions. Unthinkable for our French celebs, but their plastic surgeries results are less impressive and exciting. Maybe because of the light… or the culture: in Paris, we miss beautiful beaches. Subscribing to those magazines, or participating to one of their last games, you can win a fresh new tone and perfectly shaped buttock (the national emblem), a mega bright laser smile (another national institution) and  body-builder stomach and lipo sculpture… Vertigo!

Some super superlative beauty package? I’m truly impressed. An abrasive Californian “natural” – I must confess – enjoyable to watch and for the good mood. I’ve forgotten the astounding number of private clinics in streets (like shops), even in small Nordeste towns. And the Brazilian famous Professor Ivo Pitanguy, “father of today’s plastic surgery”  whom since the seventies has developed less aggressive surgical techniques. And the Brazilian supermodel Gisele’s changed her nose, hasn’t she? Gossip…


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