Chanel,”Hydramax + Active”: Facial Cream

Last spring, I tested the famous active moisture gel cream Hydramax + Active de Chanel. A light silky smooth texture melts in skin like a voile. Discrete and uplifting nice smell, in an elegant jar. Epicurean and hedonistic, I was captivated. What asking for more? Moisturizing! Skin comfort. Applying the gel-cream, I felt on my skin an incredible freshness. But after few hours, my skin was thirsty and tugged. Another bad thing, totally personal, I had a small allergy: mini red spots. My skin is very sensitive. So I asked for the opinions of my user friends. Mo is an early twenties years old lovely baby face, with an oily skin and she is a smoker: “This moisturizing really works on me, I can see the difference when I use it. And it lasts”. Tatiana, also a twenty years old pretty face, agreed with Mo. But Noemie, her older sister, an early thirties replied: “I tried this cream and there was not any effect on me. No particular super moisturizing effect on my skin!”.

Conclusion: could we say that Hydramax + Active is really efficient with very young skin (less than 25 years old)? Reactive skins might watch.

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