Dover Street Market, London

Window reflection or game of my overactive imagination: Karl, the unique, would join me here in London, in the Dover Street Market’s window, Rei Kawakubo’s smart concept store, the stylist of Comme des Garçons.

Intrigued I get inside: yes that’s Karl! Focal length problem, not one, two: numerous Karl in life-size. I work too much. Rub my eyes, to be 100 % sure… the hall dotted with some Karl, here near carryings at the first floor, second floor…

Vertigo, rain of… Yes it’s raining some Karl at the Dover Street Market! What a headline! Focus on the small carrying dedicated to Christopher Kane, the ultimate “darling” designer of the Brit fashion journalists. I wanted to see and touch “for real” his creations. And I confess, I really like them. Especially this white chiffon dress, absolutely fabulous.

Already another Karl comes up, then a battalion of Replicants. How do they do to increase so fast? Reloads of Karl! I beat a hasty retreat in the Victorian room, decorated with immaculate white Tudor axes on a wall and a recycle (I hope, my “green” side) cardboard fireplace. It’s the shoes and bags corner, you can find some Pierre Hardy…

I go up onto the roof, having some fresh air. Two, three… a Karl triptych receive me, mechanically I answer:

– No, I’m not a number!

So surprised to ear me playing “The Prisoner”.

– A glass of water, Mademoiselle Le K ?

– Thanks… Karl !!!

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