London nights: Sketch, Momo, Osatsuma…


Superb, isn’t it? Swarovski. A mirror wall dotted with brilliants, so glam ! Where? Darling, at Sketch! Another “considered to be essential”: the famous Momo’s restaurant and lounge. Really great fanciful decoration, friendly smart hype atmosphere. All of the ingredients combined in the same location, absolutely impossible to find in Paris, without this irritating arrogance bonus. 

Yes Yes, Ms Moss is everywhere !

Tonight DJ : Blue Logan is also an excellent fashion illustrator.

Sketch : 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG – Tel : 0207 659 45 00

Waiting for Mr. Cabdriver, I sat back on the window of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s new shop. I really like Edgard Allan Poe. Nice gifts, those plates.


Another night: in Soho, having drinks with friends at Momo (the Sketch owner) in a laid back delightful Marrakech ambiance and decoration. On Regent Street, I snapshot the Burberry’s windows. 

At Momo, in spite of the crowd: it’s really full, we could stay for ages… except my urge of sushi and sashimi!

Momo : 25 Heddon Street, Regent Street, London, W1 4BH – Tel : 0207 434 40 40

Yes! Sushi, sashimi: let’s go to Osatsuma(“contemporary japanese dining” I quote)… on the road, my “last” window shot of the night, sorry I can’t stop myself!


Too much choice: Agnès can’t decide, the kitchen is opened till 11-12pm. It’s good, pretty substantial and correct price. By the way, it’s a Chinese restaurant chain, funny for a Japanese restaurant!

Osatsuma : 56 Wardour Street, London, W1D 4JG – Tel : 020 7437 8338

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